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At Life Project Limited, family comes first.


Based in Hong Kong, Life Project Ltd is Asia’s first family focused eCommerce portal.

Life Project Ltd was formed with two objectives, two sides of the same coin. 1) to create a workplace that allows our staff to do work they love without compromising on quality time with family, and 2) to help our customers get what their family needs without compromising on quality time with family. So we created a flexible, transparent workplace that keeps our staff very happy, so they can focus on keeping our customers very happy.

Ultimately, we’re trying to create a work culture that makes life better for our employees, and a customer experience that makes life better for our customers. We want our customers to be able to get the highest quality food, toys, treats, supplements for their pets, their children and themselves, without spending hours in traffic, in stores, in malls and supermarkets, struggling to find what they need. We use technology and a high level of personal care, to create a truly efficient, easy and personalised online shopping experience for the urban family in Asia.

We started by offering pet products with the launch of PetProject.HK, an online pet shop, in November 2011. Currently, PetProject.HK carries a full range of products, treats and toys, including a constantly expanding selection of natural and organic goods. PetProject.HK provides convenient home delivery to all areas in Hong Kong, including the new Territories and all outlying islands.
Continuing its focus on families, Life Project Ltd is scheduled to launch Toddler.HK and LifeProject.HK in the near future. By offering a wide selection of baby, health and wellness products, the team is aiming to serve the customers and their families better.

We want to provide our customers the best products for their family, but more than that, we want to put a smile on their faces :-)

Our Sites

It all began with an idea and a dog and a really heavy bag of dog food. That’s all it took to get our first site, PetProject.HK, up and running. The goal was to bring the ease of online shopping to Hong Kong. With excessively busy schedules, residents of HK have little to no time to get their basic shopping done. The Life Project family of sites aim to make online shopping as ubiquitous in Hong Kong as it is elsewhere in the world. With products for the entire family, you can rest assured that you are shopping the best variety of goods at the best prices in Hong Kong. Our easy to navigate sites are in English and Chinese and we offer a 30 Money Back Guarantee to put your mind at ease.



The Life Project team is committed to making customers happy!


At Life Project, Ltd we constantly work to improve our service, products and presence.


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